10 Station Fit-Trail

A 10 station Fit-Trail is an outdoor exercise system installed along a walking or jogging trail. It contains instruction signs and exercise equipment designed for the novice or conditioned athlete.

The typical trail length for a 10 Station fitness system is between 1/4 mile to 1 mile long. Station placement will vary depending on your particular site. Click on the link to see a typical layout for a 10 Station trail system. For those with limited space availability, exercise stations can also be grouped in clusters. A typical 10 Station fitness center layout can be viewed by clicking the link. You can also view sketches of assembled signs and apparatus.

For more information on shipping and installation of our outdoor fitness equipment, see our Shipping and Installation page.

The 10 Station Fit-Trail contains the following exercises, signs and equipment:

Fitness Trail
Introductory 1
Outdoor exercise station
Introductory 2

Fitness Trail
Station 1

Calf Stretch
Fitness Facts

outdoor exercise station
Station 2

Hamstring Stretch
Quadriceps Stretch

Station 3

Bent Knee Hang
Heartbeat Check

Outdoor Exercise Trail
Station 4

Sit Up
Leg Raise

Fitness Center
Station 5

Leg Stretch
Push Up

Outdoor Fitness Center
Station 6

Body Raise
Reverse Pull Up

Fitness Trail
Station 7

Balance Walk
Heartbeat Check

Fitness Trail
Station 8

Side Bend
Fitness Facts


Fitness Trail
Station 9

Hamstring Pull
Lift and Drop

Station 10

Tension Release







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Fitness Trail
Fit Trail
outdoor exercise station